Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some sad news, we lost our cousin David Seagraves

Hello my family.

I reciently had an e-mail from our cousin Nelda from Tennesse, and I have some sad news to pass on; our cousin David Seagraves of Tennessee died recently(not to confused with our California David Seagraves who is fine) from injury in a terrible car accident. His Wife Becky Seagraves may have suffered a brain injury. They have two small boys 6 and 8 years, who were not with their parents at the time! Thank goodness. But Becky is still in the hospital.

David is Joe Seagraves son, they were very close and enjoyed riding and fixing their Harley's together. They had a lot of friends who also had Harley's, and they road they're bikes to the funeral. I'm sure where every Dave is that he smiled.

I'll up date this post as I get more information. If you have any information on this family or I got some of the information wrong please leave a comment. I'll either edit my posting or add your information to it.

I'm sure the family would appreciate your cards or letters, and your prayers, at this sad time.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've set up some Links

Hi my family!

I have set up some links to the left and below my profile. Please feel free to check them out at your leasure. They are just some things about the Seagraves that you might find of interest.

I will add to the list as I go along.

Later your cousin Janice~

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Seagraves family reunion!

The Seagraves's family reunion the Tennessee branch Posted by Picasa
Another successful family reunion for our Tennessee cousin!
Thank you Nelda Baldwin (she's in the pink shirt in the middle)
for sending me this photo to post.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's family reunion time--for the Tennessee Branch of the Seagraves family tree!

It Family reunion time--for the Tennessee Seagraves branch! Posted by Picasa
If your part of the Seagraves family, and happen to be in the neighborhood, I have it on good authority that they'll be happy to see you!
Family reunion information provided to me by Nelda Baldwin, from Pulaski Tenn.
Thank you Nelda!
The California branch is suppose to have a family reunion sometime, but as yet no date has been set.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Memorial Day to all my Seagraves Family

Let us not for get what Memorial day was originally meant for,
a day to remember those we lost.
What follow are a few of my family that has passed away,
but not from the hearts of those that love them.
I always feel so sad when I think of my family members that have passed away.
Not just because that I love them and miss them, well that too.
But because we are diminished as a family group as family we are becoming smaller, and then more of the memories are lost! That's why I started this sight, I just want to share, and save what I can of our family memories and histories. I intend in the future to get a better sight that's more interactive and accessible.
Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glimpse on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
When you waken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplift rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

Memorial Day Seagraves Family Reminiscence: My Aunt Regina, and Uncle Vern

My Aunt Regina And Uncle Vern
I took this picture myself in 1980 I think.
It was taken in their home in Fresno. Posted by Hello
In Loving Memory
Regina Fritzen
Born: April 22, 1924 at Mount Pleasant, Tenn.
Died: March 31, 2002 Sacromento, California
Cause of death: Pantcreatic Cancer
She is interned at Arbor Vita cementaery, Madera Ca.
Her Husband Vern preceeded her in death some few years earlier in 1987 I believe.
He is interned in Fresno.

Memorial Day Seagraves Family Reminiscence: My Aunt Bessie "Dean" Seagraves

Im sorry to say this is but, this only photo
I could find in my albums of my Aunt Dean Posted by Hello
In Loving Memory
Bessie "Dean" Seagraves
Born: October 23, 1914 in Tenn.
Died: August 23, 2001 in Madera
Interned in the Arbor Vitea Cemetery in Madera Ca
She was retired from Oberti Olives plant of Madera
Her husband: Baisel Seagraves proceeded her in death some 20 odd years earlier
(I don't have at present his infromation)
and she is laid to rest beside him.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day Seagraves Family Reminiscence: My Grandmother Hattie E. Seagraves

My Grandmother Hattie Seagraves Posted by Hello
This photo was taken when I got married in December 21, 1979.
I want to relate some thing that Grandma told me on my special day:
She told me in some excitement as I think it had just dawned on her that day that she like me was eighteen(18) years old when she had gotten married. And that my grandfather Jerome Milton Seagraves, was also the same age as my husband-to-be--21.
I hope that clears up the confusion in the family as to how old my grandmother was, when she had got married to my grandfather. I'm also gonna try and get a copy of their marriage certifacate and then I'll post that as well.
I think what may have started how-ever unintentionally to the confusion, was the oval colorized pictures on the wall of Regina's(Fritzen) house. One was of Grandma Hattie S. at age sixteen, and the second was of Grandpa Jerome Milton S. at age eighteen. Even though the pictures look like they belong together, they are not wedding pictures! I got this infromation from Regina's very own lips(before her passing). Those pictures where taken before they even met! Regina had the original black and white photos colorized, and re-formatted, then framed to look like they belonged together, as a wonderful reminder of her parents.
In Loving Memory
Hattie Estelle Seagraves
Born: January 22, 1891
Died: January 26, 1985
Cause of death: advance old age, and heart failure.
She was 94
Occupation: farmers wife and home maker, she raised eight children--7 boys and one girl, And she was a Sorter at Oberti Olive of Madera. She really liked that job, infect they had to force her to retire.
Hobbies: she was quite the handy woman; she made quilts (I have one she made for me for when I got married) she crocheted, knitted (my mother remembers my grandmother getting excited when she learned to turn a heal when she was nearly eighty). When she was ill with her heart at 85 years old, she turned to latch hooking rugs, then finally just to looking after her table filled with African Violets, on a table that Regina ( Regina and Arnold were her caregivers) had out-fitted with a grow lamp.
She is interned at Arbor Vitae Cemetery, beside my Grandfather:
Jerome Milton Seagraves
Born: Febuary 24, 1885
Died: August 7, 1961
He was 76
Occupation: Share cropper, then in California Farm laborer
and the farmers that he worked for loved how very hard he worked.

My Dad-Johnnie B Seagraves when he was older

This picture of my Dad Johnnie B Seagraves
was taken at my wedding December 21, 1979
taken by my brother-in-law John, not to be
confused with my brother who is also named John. Though the
family still calls him my brother 'Jacky" much to his chagrin! Posted by Hello
When my husband(my then fiancee') asked my father for my hand in marriage, my dad decided to give us (or me) some advice. Maybe it's part of the tradition when you give your blessing? And he said, "Trust nothing--that you hear, and trust only half--the things that you see. And the only thing you can trust--in this life--is death and taxes."
"Um, okay dad? Th-anks for the advice? " I think?
But in the years since, I have found that his advice to be solid, I could find no fault in anything that he told me on that day that my dad gave us his blessing.
I loved my dad very much, and miss him (and his advice) still.

Memorial Day Seagraves Family Reminiscence: My Dad Johnnie B Seagraves

My Dad Johnnie B Seagraves Posted by Hello
this picture was taken when my dad was a young man.
Here you can see clearly the Seagraves hair-line,
and the Seagraves turned-up nose.
And of course the Seagraves chiseled good looks!
In Loving Memory of
My Father
Johnnie B Seagraves
Born: March 5, 1922
Died: September 8, 1982
Cause of Death: Colon Cancer
Occupation: Body and Fender man
Hobbies: Scubba diving, Hunting, Bowling(he was on a bowling league when I was little and won trophies), Boating, Camping, Fishing, the making of lures to go fishing with, and did I mention fishing? The man loved to fish and was very, very, very good at it.
He was survived by his wife Jeannetta Seagraves, and his three children:
John, Janice, and Deanna.
At this date he has two Grandchildren Brian and Sarah, unfortunately
he never got to know them as they were both born after his death.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The first Segrave to move to Ireland is....

John Segrave son of I believe Thomas de Segrave of the baron line, and one of the lesser son who never was in line to recieve the title(darn the luck).

John Segrave moved to Limerick Ireland, and married Jennet Dungan in 1500. Jennet was from a family of Earls of limerick Ireland. John and Jennet's children inherited land and title through her.

Sorry this is all I have on them.

Segrave's in Finglas Ireland

In the Parish of Finglas is the remains of an Elizabethian house, and it bore the the arms of the Segrave family. It was built on the lands that had been granted in 1552 by Archbishop Hugh Curwen to James Segrave and Patrick Sarsfield.

In 1609 to John, son and heir of Walter Segrave, Walter Segrave had held the land and house some 15 years earlier.

For several generations the Segrave family had been very prominent on the Irish episcopal and judicial benches, and the commercial life of Dublin, where Walter Segrave and his father had both been Mayors of Dublin (Ireland folks). And Walter was also the sheriff of Dublin as well.

They both were alied to the Roman Cathlic church, but owing to thier "good and kindly dealings" with Englishmen, they enjoyed Archbishop Loftus's freindship, and through his wife, who was a sister of Walter Ball of Ballygall, Walter was closely allied to Protestants (in other words he had a foot in each camp).

Apparently this was quite a nice house! The chief apartments and the parlor, and the great bed-chamber were wainscoted, and some of the bed chambers were provided with cornices of wood from which tapestry was suspended. In the hall where the coat of arms of the Segrave impaled with those of those of Ball were carved, there was a high table at which the family took their meals seated on squar stools, and round the walls were ranged five court cup boards, on which plate and china were displayed.

Throughout the house much of the furnature included; 12 bedsteads, many coffers, one was bound with iron and locked with three keys for the keeping of deeds. And in many of the rooms were rugs, tapestries, canopies of silk or taffeta, curtains and valances of mockado or white stuff, and cushions covered with wrought-velvet or needlework.

On the walls were hung two calverts(paintings), head pieces, and halberts, as well as "the day of judgement in oil work" and "Christ and the twelve Apostles in tables," and in the palor a pair of virginals in a frame that bespoke the accomplishments of Walters Segrave's daughter.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The very first Seagraves in America was.......

Reverend Francis Segrave born 1654 Ireland- died Jan 1725-27? Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Married to Lucretia in 1685. His occupation was minister, and appears in many important papers such as wills as a witness.

He is the common ancestor to all Seagraves in the south, with all various spellings of the name. Through his son William Segrave who had three wives and thirteen children, his descendents have spread through North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

For more infromation: Sandra S. Day wrote the book Reverend Wm. Segraves & his descendents, but unforntunately it is out of print. Maybe if you live in the south you could find it in a county library, good luck & good hunting.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

My cousins in Tennessee!

I just wanted to give a big shout-out to all my cousins in Tennessee!

I've been in contact with my cousin Nelda Baldwin, and I wanted to post their family reunion picture here but I can't find it! So I'll have to post it later, sorry.

The neat thing about my cousin Nelda is that our grandfather's were brothers, and had family farms in Tenn. side by side. And my favoite cousin Ann (Seagraves) James, was her Auntie, and was named after her; her middle name Ann, is after Ann's first name. Cool huh?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Seagraves's family Newsletter Questionnaire

All information gathered here will be kept confidential, and if you ask me to, I'll even erase your comment off this sight.

I'm sorry but, this questionnaire is for the California branch only.
If you'd like to fill it out anyway, I would use it on this sight only.

The questionnaire:

1.My name is:_______________________
2.My spouse's or significant other's name is:____________________
3.My parent's names are:_____________________
4.My occupation is:_________________________
5.My address is:___________________________
6.My e-mail address is_______________________
7.My children's names are:____________________
8.My grandchildren names are:_________________
9.My news that I'd like to share is:_______________
This sight is connected to my e-mail, and I check it nearly every day. And if you want to share this information with me, and not with everyone who reads this sight; just let me know and I will erase it. But, if you want to answer the questionnaire, then you will have to do it as a comment, but you don't have to write the whole question(that would be too hard), just use the question numbers. Thank you.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Seagraves Texas--was it settled by a Seagraves?

Ever since I found out about Seagraves Texas, I had been wondering if one of our forbearer had settled the town. One of my cousin even thought it had been. Well if you too were wondering, and probably wondering were I'm going with this too.....Well wonder no more!
Seagraves Texas was originally called Blythe, because it had a post office on the Blythe ranch about 1911. Then the Santa Fe railroad, decided to make Blythe the end of the spur running from Lubbock, and that was around 1917. But because there was already a Blythe, on the Santa Fe line(Yeah, all the way in California) they just had to change the name, to advoid confusion--don't you know(maybe for them). So they decided to change the name to a certain Santa Fe Railroad Official by the name of C.L. Seagraves.
Who C.L. Seagraves was beside an Railroad official I still haven't determined, nor have I found what why they had selected him for this honor. But there you have it! Seagraves Texas wasn't settled by a Seagraves, but it was named after a Seagraves.