Friday, May 27, 2005

My Dad-Johnnie B Seagraves when he was older

This picture of my Dad Johnnie B Seagraves
was taken at my wedding December 21, 1979
taken by my brother-in-law John, not to be
confused with my brother who is also named John. Though the
family still calls him my brother 'Jacky" much to his chagrin! Posted by Hello
When my husband(my then fiancee') asked my father for my hand in marriage, my dad decided to give us (or me) some advice. Maybe it's part of the tradition when you give your blessing? And he said, "Trust nothing--that you hear, and trust only half--the things that you see. And the only thing you can trust--in this life--is death and taxes."
"Um, okay dad? Th-anks for the advice? " I think?
But in the years since, I have found that his advice to be solid, I could find no fault in anything that he told me on that day that my dad gave us his blessing.
I loved my dad very much, and miss him (and his advice) still.

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