Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day Seagraves Family Reminiscence: My Grandmother Hattie E. Seagraves

My Grandmother Hattie Seagraves Posted by Hello
This photo was taken when I got married in December 21, 1979.
I want to relate some thing that Grandma told me on my special day:
She told me in some excitement as I think it had just dawned on her that day that she like me was eighteen(18) years old when she had gotten married. And that my grandfather Jerome Milton Seagraves, was also the same age as my husband-to-be--21.
I hope that clears up the confusion in the family as to how old my grandmother was, when she had got married to my grandfather. I'm also gonna try and get a copy of their marriage certifacate and then I'll post that as well.
I think what may have started how-ever unintentionally to the confusion, was the oval colorized pictures on the wall of Regina's(Fritzen) house. One was of Grandma Hattie S. at age sixteen, and the second was of Grandpa Jerome Milton S. at age eighteen. Even though the pictures look like they belong together, they are not wedding pictures! I got this infromation from Regina's very own lips(before her passing). Those pictures where taken before they even met! Regina had the original black and white photos colorized, and re-formatted, then framed to look like they belonged together, as a wonderful reminder of her parents.
In Loving Memory
Hattie Estelle Seagraves
Born: January 22, 1891
Died: January 26, 1985
Cause of death: advance old age, and heart failure.
She was 94
Occupation: farmers wife and home maker, she raised eight children--7 boys and one girl, And she was a Sorter at Oberti Olive of Madera. She really liked that job, infect they had to force her to retire.
Hobbies: she was quite the handy woman; she made quilts (I have one she made for me for when I got married) she crocheted, knitted (my mother remembers my grandmother getting excited when she learned to turn a heal when she was nearly eighty). When she was ill with her heart at 85 years old, she turned to latch hooking rugs, then finally just to looking after her table filled with African Violets, on a table that Regina ( Regina and Arnold were her caregivers) had out-fitted with a grow lamp.
She is interned at Arbor Vitae Cemetery, beside my Grandfather:
Jerome Milton Seagraves
Born: Febuary 24, 1885
Died: August 7, 1961
He was 76
Occupation: Share cropper, then in California Farm laborer
and the farmers that he worked for loved how very hard he worked.

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