Sunday, February 24, 2008

My dad's birthday--Johnnie B Seagraves--March 3, 1922--1982

Johnnie B Seagraves with a striper. I think this one was caught at Don Pedro.
He was always proud when he caught one of these it's the pentacle of fishing to bring in a fish of this size from a fresh water lake and my dad was quite good at it too.
The best way to describe him was my dad was a fisherman.

A really good fishing trip; Blue gills, large mouth bass, trout, and one cat fish.

My mom with friends Bonnie in background and Brad at the Salton sea CA.
More Blue gill and my dad's hand.
This little girl is me when I was I think seven, it must have been in 1968.
I think theses were caught in Exchequer Chowchilla CA.
And yet more blue gill some of these were the size of dinner plates.
I know it seems like an awful lot of fish, but most of these were caught in the mid to late sixties. This photo had the date 1964 back when there were no limits on the fish caught.

My mom Jeanetta and my dad at the Salton sea probably 1982.

Do you see how he held his arms in as he holds the fish? He had painful arthritis in both his arms and hands.

I think this might have been the last fishing trip my dad went on before he died in September 1982 from colon cancer.

My dad Johnnie B Seagraves loved to go fishing. My mom found these down in a box and let me scan them in to my computer. I posting these with her permission.