Saturday, December 06, 2008

Good-bye Arnold Seagraves

A wake for Arnold Seagraves was held at his son
David Seagraves's house in Granite Bay, CA.

"Do not pray for me and don't sing any hymns. I don't want a memorial service. Just have a party and remember me."
~Arnold Seagraves~

Arnold was in WWII as a cook.
He cooked for generals, and at the end of the war he was in Germany when Hitler fell.

After he came home he worked at Sears repairing appliances for twenty years, and raised his family.

After his retirement his mother (my grandmother Hattie Seagraves) became ill. He and his little sister Regina decided to take care of her. They at first worked as apartment managers, taking turns taking care of their mom. Then later at a mobile home park. Regina was the manager and Arnold was the assistant manager. Both remarried, but Arnold second marriage was not to last.

His mother passed away in 1985 and he retired fully.

Later he married his high school sweetheart Vi
and settled in the city of Pleasanton.

He is survived by his wife Vi and his four lovely children (2 girls and 2 boys) several grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren.

His last words were to his oldest daughter Suzy's husband, "You better take care of my little girl."

~The trip to Granite Bay~
My husband Dave, my daughter Sarah and I got a late start from Madera because of the fog. It's a three hour drive from my house when the weather is nice.
The Google maps got us as far as the
American river bridge, that we crossed this on the way
to David's house.
And then we completely missed their house.
We finally stopped when we realized we went too far.
I looked across the street saw a deer in some one's yard.
My Daughter took it's picture.

This is were we stopped when we realized we went too far and called Dave.
"Hi Dave, I'm your cousin Janice. We're lost."
He gave us the names of two streets to look out
for on the way back.
Thank goodness he did. I think we were at least ten miles off course, if not more.

Dave's house is in a very scenic area.

Lovely houses were on every side of the road.

A cement flume crossed the road.
We finally got there and here's my nephew Brian posing with my hubby Dave (yes another David).

I don't know the exact number of guests, but when I arrive (almost two hours late) the place was filled with such a buzz of voice I had to lean close to someone just to hear them speak.

My daughter Sarah, Brian and Dave again.
Eli and Mike Seagraves (Uncle and nephew).
Deanna (My sis) Seagraves-King, Eli Seagraves and Robin
Deanna and Brain sharing memories with Tukey (Dave Seagraves's wife).
Suzy Inman and Dave.
Sarah and Suzy.
All of Arnold Seagraves wonderful children.
They are, everyone, just as sweet and wonderful as he was.
Eli Seagraves, Anny Randal, Suzy Inman, David Seagraves.
Eli and his wife Thea.
Eli and family had to leave early.
Eli, Thea and his daughter Rabbit (online name).
Deanna and Anny.