Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seagraves Family reunion in California

Arnold and Vi Seagraves
My little branch of the family no. 1
And number 2 Brian Van Vleet(my nephew) Sarah Harrell(my daughter) Janice (me) John Seagraves(my brother) Deanna King(my sister and Brian's mom) All the second cousins together

Annie's family that's Arnold's youngest daughter

All our Seagraves noses in profile.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I got it I got it! A Picture of my great-grandfather--Joel Seaton Seagraves

O-oh, was that too enthusiastic?

My Cusin Suzy Inman sent me this photo and gave me permission to post it and what she wrote.
Thank you Suzy!

Hi Jan,

I wanted to send you this photo that Aunt Regina identified as her Grandfather Joel Seaton Seagraves. This was not long before her death, but she was absolutely sure.


I also got this e-mail from Steve Seagraves, he contributes to the Seagraves family tree web sight.
Thank you Steve

Thank you so much for your blog address!
I was on it and reading (enjoyed it very much, thank you!) when your grandfather's picture came through.
That IS fantastic! I'm happy for you!
I grabbed my "book"...the list of everyone in my database...and YEP! There he is! Joel Seaton SEAGRAVES...father of Jerome Milton SEAGRAVES (b. 1885).
But, I also have (and you might know this about my records already from the Family Tree Website I posted so long ago) 2 marriages for Joel Seaton SEAGRAVES. They are:
1) Martha POWELL (mar. 31 Oct 1871, Giles Co, TN)
- I only show 1 child of this marriage: Will SEAGRAVES (no birth/death dates known)
2) Mary Emmedean POWELL (mar. 4 July 1877, also in Giles Co, TN)
- I only show 1 child of this marriage, also: Jerome Milton SEAGRAVES (b. 27 Feb 1885).
Now...this does not mean there weren't more children from either marriage, it just means these 2 are Joel's only children that I show.
I'll keep in touch...but, my schedule is going to begin to pick up and my hobby time will diminish until after the holidays. But, that is probably the way it will be for all of us. You reckon? haha.
Thanks again,
Steve Seagraves