Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some sad news, we lost our cousin David Seagraves

Hello my family.

I reciently had an e-mail from our cousin Nelda from Tennesse, and I have some sad news to pass on; our cousin David Seagraves of Tennessee died recently(not to confused with our California David Seagraves who is fine) from injury in a terrible car accident. His Wife Becky Seagraves may have suffered a brain injury. They have two small boys 6 and 8 years, who were not with their parents at the time! Thank goodness. But Becky is still in the hospital.

David is Joe Seagraves son, they were very close and enjoyed riding and fixing their Harley's together. They had a lot of friends who also had Harley's, and they road they're bikes to the funeral. I'm sure where every Dave is that he smiled.

I'll up date this post as I get more information. If you have any information on this family or I got some of the information wrong please leave a comment. I'll either edit my posting or add your information to it.

I'm sure the family would appreciate your cards or letters, and your prayers, at this sad time.

Thank you.