Monday, March 06, 2006

Good News Everyone on Becky Seagraves Recovery!

I set up a link on the title above, so please click it and read the article!

We have much to be grateful for--Becky Seagraves who the doctors had given up on, has not only recovered but walked out of the hospital on her own two feet! She now is expected to make a full recovery!

Yay, Becky! Get well soon!

Thank you cousin Nelda Baldwin, for sending me the information regarding Becky Seagraves!


Anonymous said...

I am Valerie Seagraves Lefort. I know that my ancestors came from Georgia. My dad is Hugh Lamar Seagraves from Commerce, GA.

Janice said...


Do you know anymore than that? Like your grandfather's name and were he might be from?

If you knew that it would give you more of a starting place.

Try or look into the Seagraves family Genealogy sights for more infromation.

Good hunting,