Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bad News About Grandma's house

Hi Cousins, I have some news I thought you should know---bad news about grandma's house.

The old house on Sierra street behind and to the side of the old Bridge store, and the last house that Jerome Milton and Hattie Seagraves owned is now unfortunately gone!

Hattie Seagraves in front of house on Sierra st. Madera(she must have been in her late sixties--look how slim she was)

The above pictures are found by my mom in a box somewhere for me.

My mom had drove through the old neighborhood and saw that the house was gone, completely gone. No house, no foundation, no garage, no trees even. Everything leveled. Even that old palm tree that my dad (John Seagraves) and his brothers use to jump over is gone too.


Here's something you may not have know about the old house.

It was the second they had here in Madera, the first one burned down and that was located just across the street from Basil and Dean's old country house (they later got a house in town). The barn is still there but not the house.

The second house they lived in they bought, and it was located on Sierra street , and it was build by a man for his sweetheart and he later married her around 1900 (The turn of the century).

Hattie Seagraves sold the house after her husband died (Jerome Milton died in 1961) and it sold in 1962 for a whopping nine thousand dollars (I know but it was the '60's okay).

The little old couple that bought it had thrown a wedding for a friend of there's (sweetheart house indeed).

Then the Leal family bought it and raised their children in it, and later moved out and used it for a number of years as a rental.


Gledwood said...

that's the thing that seems to happen a LOT in America... buildings demolished all the time...

doesn't happen so much here

though we could do with a MASSIVE housebuilding programme here on London's empty spaces... we've a HUGE shortage of "new" homes...

Janice said...

Madera is a young town compared to London, we're only a hundred years old and just had a birthday too. But because we are so young there is no sense of history here, everything is new with new houses going up all the time.

I actually mourn when something old (like my Grandma's house) is destroyed.