Sunday, January 01, 2006

An up-date on our cousin Becky Seagraves

This is an edited e-mail from Cusin Nelda from Pulaski Tenn. That I wanted to share with everyone, as she mentions cousin Becky's condition. (Becky is the one who was in the terrible accident, that killed her husband David Seagraves early in December '05).

Hi Cuz',

We had a Seagraves holiday get together on Christmas Day night and it went very well I felt it so important this year since we just lost Dave and his birthday would have been the 26th, and Joe(Dave's father) needed his family.

Becky is improving, I am happy to say, that she has been moved to a nursing facility closer to home and gets to see the boys everyday. She recognizes them and soon they will be removing her tube that helps her breath and she will be able to talk. Still it's too soon to know the extent of her injuries as far as having a "normal" life but we are thankful for her progress so far.

I saw the news about all this in the blog and thank you for caring and passing it along to everyone else. Please email me soon and as always so good to hear from you. Oh yeah, some of the family are getting together for a small New Years celebration tonight and sure wish you could be here, that would be great!!

Love Ya -Take Care Cuz!!!

Thank you Nelda, for the up-date. And I hope and pray that Becky makes a full recovery.
Happy New Year to you, and all the Seagraves family.

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