Thursday, September 24, 2015

My dad

I haven't posted anything in while, so I'm posting a photo of my dad when he served in WWII. My dad, Johnney Seagraves, is on the right and his brother, Endel Seagraves, is on the left.
My dad passed away thirty-three years ago this month.

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The Goshawk said...

I figured I will leave a comment here as it's your newest post. I have Seagraves in my family not mentioned on your blog at all, and my family is from Northern California. I can give you a list! Maybe we can figure out if we are related. By the way, I enjoyed reading your posts, and I agree, it is thankful that your Seagrave men returned from World War II. My grandmother, Mildred Seagrave, served in the Navy in some capacity during the war as well. -Joe