Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Uncle Arnold and his daughter and his granddaughters

Arnold Seagraves with his daughter(Annette) and granddaughters
Pictures e-mailed to me by my sister Deanna.
*Thank you Deanna* Posted by Hello
Arnold's party was a smashing success, says my sister Deanna.
A few people stood up and made some nice speeches, and then Mike Seagraves stood up
said something too, then played his guitar and sang a song he wrote, for his Grandpa Arnold.
A few family members, had done genealogy studies, and had made a family tree,
and brought them.
(I like to have a copy, hint hint.)
And of course there was a wonderful meal, and then nice cake(yummy).
A lot of plans were made to visit one another, which is always good.
(We're family we should make an effort to keep in touch!)
And a lot of family members said, that they like to have a family reunion soon.
On a side note: I'm working on a family news letter,
and I will be sending out questionnaires soon;
to all the family members that I have address via snail mail,
and I may e-mail some as well.
If your a Seagraves family member, and would like to be on that list;
please leave your address here, this blog is connected
with my e-mail which I check almost daily.
Keep checking back, as I will post more on this later.


Rabbit said...

Well! Who'd have thought? I'm Rabbit, one of Arnold's Granddaughters-- Eli and Thea's girl, if you saw them at the shindig. I'm currently living in Durham, NC, by some quirk of fate. Sadly, I missed the party, but heard it was smashing. They usually are *sighs*

Anyway, beautiful site, and feel free to e-mail me: lochinvar(at)gmail(dot)com.

Janice said...

Hey hi,

Welcome, welcome! I'm always glad to hear from my cousins. I'm glad you like my sight, thank you. Please keep this sight on your favoites or book mark it. This is so you can keep up with what I'm doing next.

I know your parents, and I remember you and your brother from a family reunion a while back. You two were so cute, but you both were real little, so I don't think you remember me.

I also have gotten in touch with your uncle David and your cousin Mike Seagraves through my sight, and the Seagraves family forum. Have you checked out that sight? There are people on it, that have been doing Seagraves family research for years, and it's real interesting.

I don't have your address, so if you like to be on the mailing list for the questionneries, and then the family news letter (as soon as I can get the info, and put it together) please send it on. My e-mail is connected to this sight, and I check my e-mail almost every day.

Wish me luck!

Later your cousin, Janice